**NOTE: I am FULLY BOOKED until I come back from my maternity leave in November.  

At this time I am no longer accepting appointments before November. I am also not accepting any more clients onto a cancellation wait list. Exceptions will be made only in the case of clients who have gotten full overhauls in the last year and need a small tweak. If this scenario describes you, feel free to send me a message as you normally would.

For repairs in the meantime, I recommend Kristin at www.woodwindworkshop.com for professional repairs; and Noah at Sam Ash on 34th Street for both emergency and student repairs. 

Appointment guidelines:

*Please mention what you are bringing in for repair (make/model, age, specific issues noticed, etc.) in the notes*

*Currently only professional quality instruments accepted for same-day repairs. 

  • For general same-day maintenance for clarinets that are regularly serviced: two hours per clarinet
  • For full overhauls and maintenance on clarinets that have not been serviced in a few years: drop-off (approx. 1 week turnaround time)
  • For one or two small* issues: 30-min (*small=one or two pads or corks, OR a single broken spring, etc.  NOT "just a bunch of pads replaced" or "just quieting down all my noisy keys.")
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